Thursday, 20 June 2013

Indie Devs shine bright this generation on Consoles.

    This generation approaching us is a glorious opportunity for indie devs to shine bright, from platform to platform, and genre to genre. I'd like to take a moment to shine a bright light on some of my favourites, and just some that have caught my eye, or some that have been a success in their own right, and are going to be pushed to the forefront of gaming this generation.

Thomas was Alone - Mike Bithell - Out now for PS3 & PSVita

Gaucamelee - Drinkbox studios - PS3 & PSVita
Retro City Rampage - Vblank Entertainment. - Out now for PC/Steam,Xbox360,WiiWare,PS3&PSVita.

Lone Survivor -Superflat Games - PC/Steam, PS3 & PSVita in July

Divekick - Iron Galaxy Studios - PC, PS3 & PSVita sometime this Summer

Stealth Bastard - Curve Studios - PC, Mac, PS3 & PSVita sometime this Summer

Hohokum - Richard Hogg and Honeyslug - PS3 & PSVita & PS4 sometime in 2014

Hotline Miami - Devolver Digital - PS3 & PSVita This summer

Counterspy - Dynamighty - Smartphones, PS3 & PSVita sometime next Fall

Sportsfriends - Die Gute Fabrik - PS3 & PSVita sometime this Summer

Don't Starve - Klei Entertainment PS4

Octodad:Daddliest Catch - Young Horses Inc - PS4

Mercenary Kings - Tribute Games - PS4

Secret Ponchos - Switchblade Monkeys - PS4 debut, then possible PC release.

Ray's the Dead - Rag Tag Studio -  PS4 / PC

Outlast - Red Barrels - PS4

Oddworld:New & Tasty - Just add water/Oddworld Inhabitants - PC & PSN

Galak-Z - 17-bit - PS4

Z run - Beatshapers - PSVita
These are just a few of the great Indie games in store for us this year and next, with hopefully many more to come, as Indie dev's often still value some of the core fundamentals of game making, The things that we're continually bleeding out over the years, as far as pay as you go and micro-transactions are concerned, It's nice to see some oldschool style&tech introduced to modern engines & game mechanics/theory. 

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