Thursday, 6 March 2014

Dragon Age Inquisition Set to Impress

  I must be on my way to getting 'frostbite' cause' I'm 'shivering' in anticipation, I got a fever, and the prescription for that fever is 'More Dragon Age', jokes aside, I have personally been waiting for a long time for any news surrounding my favorite IP this side of the 'Souls' games. Here is a new trailer that is so gorgeous I have to overlook the fact that it's barely anything to tide me over. Fall 2014 cannot come fast enough, until then, I guess I'll be polishing my lamp-post to this vid.


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Zombies, a Wedding, Mexico, PlayStation 4

        I have a solid excuse for my hiatus, I... like everyone else in the industry am a gamer at the core, and sometimes I get playing, and just don't stop. Since last I posted here my friends and I have gone on to re-hash some Final Fantasy XI time online, platinumed both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, played some WarZ and DayZ, talked endlessly about console wars/pc vs the console industry. I wish I could have recorded all of our conversations and posted them here as podcast-esque downloads, well I suppose I should have. Some interesting topics and opinions were covered that would have been awesome for a gamelog like this, I guess that's something we may have to look at in 's future.
    I also had the opportunity to get married, and went to Mexico for our honeymoon, so life changes galore here people, We had a blast in Mexico, drank way too much(to the power of 10), Ate amazing food, seen some amazing sights, and met some truly wonderful people. I missed the PlayStation 4 launch by about 4 days, but luckily I had pre-paid for the system so mine was waiting for me as soon as I got off the plane back home in Kelowna, BC. I will be getting an Xbox One eventually as well, but my current gaming priorities are Steam, Playstation 4, then everything else. My pc blew up, so I'll be replacing parts in that, so I can continue spending money on ridiculous deals on Steam games that I never actually play(damn the collector in me). If Titanfall does well, or gets good reviews I'll think about checking it out, but I really can't justify a system for one game atm, as I'm not a fan of any of the other games on the system. Also seeing as my computer, and PS4 are more powerful than the Xbox One I'll be playing all of my cross-platform games on those, and not on the Xbox One. So while I respect all companies in the industry, and will eventually own an XB1, now is not the time for me to do so.
     That being said I want to look at a few Cross platform games that are coming soon, and in the near future that are standing out to me.

Tom Clancy's The Division
The Evil Within
The Crew
Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

Friday, 2 August 2013

Call to Arms, all potential kickstarters!


        There is a brilliant game being made by 'The Fun Pimps' a small indie(correction, got some previous members of A-list projects in this) dev group, It's called '7 Days to Die, and is a wonderful marriage of game elements that ring up similarities to Minecraft, Day Z, and even some fallout and plants vs zombies thrown in for good measure (that's not to say this game is not original, that's far from what I mean by this).
     I've mentioned it in previous posts on my blog, I've watched video, viewed screenshots, and read everything there is to know about this game so far, and it seems that they only have 12 days left on their kickstarter goal as of this post, and they're only just over 50% of the way to their goal, They stand a good chance of making their goal, but adversely they stand equal chance not making it to their goal with only 12 days left in the countdown.
     Now their game will still launch even if they don't make their goal, but If you readers are anything like me, you'll instantly notice this game's charm and understand how important it is for this kickstarter to be a success. Every so often a game comes along that I feel truly deserves the funding of a kickstarter campaign, and this is it... Please friends/relatives/acquaintances check this out, It is my call to arms, to not let this kickstarter goal come up short. Even bring this game to a major publisher's attention might be enough.

Link to the 7 Days to Die Kickstarter page

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hiatus & here's why... liking and disliking #1

So... The Wife-to-be, and I, and both of our awesome children are undergoing a move soon, so we've been busy organizing our lives while planning the Wedding, and securing the finances for our new house to begin packing and sorting things out. I've popped my head in daily to check the news on the videogame industry as I usually do, here are some of the things I'm liking atm, and disliking atm.

-Liking a kickstarter project called 7 Days to Die
            This was shown to me by my good friend Re4er, It's 33% Minecraft, 33% Fallout and 34% zombie apocalypse co-op survival tower defense game. Sounds like this could be a really good time to be had by all. please go here and check it out. 7 Days to Die Kickstarter. And check out the screenshots below.

-Liking Next-Gen
             Everything from the new systems, to Oculus Rift, and streaming gameplay to other players, as well as the ability to self publish gameplay, loving remote play, loving the idea of helping friends through sections of their games by taking over the controller from online.

-Disliking item and character color change content DLC, when they used to be included in any basic game, disliking games that offer season passes, and only deliver select content to pass-holders, charging even the passholders for some of the content released after the fact.(This is pure bullshit, and a scam, and if we gamers let it become 'the norm' it will ruin the industry, companies who have done this to me in the past, will never receive another season pass sale from me ever again.)

-Disliking the forced 'pay to play' online business model of the new consoles, I've always been the one to pay for a better experience ie. A good mmorpg will usually earn it's pay in content alone, I much preferred the option to do so through services like PlayStation Plus etc. I'm finding out it'll be a mandatory service if you wish to play online with ps4, and while it does little to sway my decision to pre-order the system hastily. It does make me a little afraid for the content offerings to follow the change, We should never be forced to part with money to enjoy the games we also buy at top $. If you're going to charge mmo'esque fees you should be fully prepared to offer mmo quality services.
In an age where you can go download steam for free, and use all of it's services free of charge... A subscription based service should be a little careful about how big of steps it thinks it can take.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

     So I finally got around to downloading the most recent add-on for Borderlands 2 "Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep", watching it at e3 and prior, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.
From the start of the add-on content, which is rumoured to be the last DLC add-on for Borderlands 2 I was drawn into a clever storyline/plot device that had you playing as your usual character, but within a virtual D&D-esque game being dictated and narrated by Tiny Tina, and the cast of Borderlands games, as if they themselves were playing the game.
     The classic BL and BL2 gameplay of entertainingly voiced fetch quests, and surreal atmosphere are still very much present here, augmented exponentially by the references to great geeky-isms, and fanboy/fangirl joy. Paying homage to everything from Star Trek, to Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and one of which really surprised me Dark Souls... Which I love, so Gearbox really earned major brownie points with me. To talk about that for a second, that's a game dev studio that isn't so self involved that they could pay homage to another great game within their DLC for their current game. These guys have to be proud that they are able to see the industry from the outside while working within it, and they deserve applause for being both professional, and humble.
     As far as DLC for games goes, I'd have given any call of duty/battlefield add-on a 4.5/5, they usually push really hard to get an add-on out that includes a lot of maps/upgrades/game modes/weapons etc. But I give Borderlands 2's add-ons especially this one a perfect 5/5, It brings a single player story that is 100% co-op enabled for up to 4 people over various environments, The new weapons are 'sick' in a great way. The replay value of having multiple difficulties, and additional quests after you complete the main story of the DLC. There is even a couple optional quests that you will need up to 4 people to join you to finish. It is clear that a lot of work went into this DLC, from start to finish, and if you have BL2 and do not have the season pass, get it, but at the very least buy this add-on... It's without equal as far as add-ons go. I was thoroughly impressed, and amused.
Great Job Gearbox.

PlayStation Contest Opportunity

    There is a video-blogging contest through PlayStation atm, that sounds really fun and rewarding for people who have the skills/talent to make video blogs, more information can be found on the, here's the video from Sid Shuman.

    And here's the link to the website with all the info, and downloads.mofilm ps blogger competition

Monday, 24 June 2013

PSN Maintenance on June 25th

   Scheduled maintenance for the PSN(Playstation Network) tomorrow on the 25th of June, The maintenance will start at approximately 9:30AM PST will end at approximately 4:00PM PST.
When trying to log in you will most likely be met with a message stating that the network is under maintenance.

Full info can be found here.